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Expert fundraising for nonprofits

welcome to the age of brave philanthropy

We aren't here to check boxes, we are here to create change. And changing the world begins at home.

As professional fundraisers, our role is to create a meaningful and feasible pathway for community members to interact with causes that mean the most to them.


We have to be exceptional listeners, and responsible organizers. We have to be keen enough to carve out what is really necessary from what has always been done before.

Change requires bold leadership, vetted strategic plans, and knowing when to say no.

I am a systems thinker, an innovator, a problem-solver. I started Barsness Group to change the world one community at a time through inspiring brave philanthropy.  

Let's see what we can do together.


Professional fundraising takes time, people, and planning. 

What We Do

We CREATE expert strategy

so you can reach your fundraising goals and lead with confidence.

It's time to align your priorities and raise the money to achieve the most good for those you serve.

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